My name is Lisa Etheridge I am a qualified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, Certified Pre & Post-Natal, Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher and British Sign Language (BSL) / English interpreter.

Through my personal journey I came across yoga and began to practice regularly. Through yoga I became more aware of my values and the things in life that made me happy. This is what brought me to study Life Coaching, qualifing in 2015. Soon after qualifying I began my Yoga Teacher Training course. 

Combining Coaching and Yoga the participant has greater awareness of the mind, is more focused to make changes necessary for a more joyous life and are more willing to take responsibility for choices and are ready to take action. 

Yoga itself has profound positive effects on mental and physical health. Practising yoga regularly will improve flexibility, stamina, strength. It can help with anxiety and stress. Yoga teaches us how to breath properly, focus our mind and be more responsible humans. 

Lisa began her journey into Pre and Post Natal Yoga while pregnant with her first child, she found her newly discovered gentle yoga practice helped with aches, stiffness and birth. Post birth, a gentle, slow, safe practice has enabled me to regain control of my body, not to mention helping with all the new aches that motherhood brings with it.

Teaching children is a fun, energetic experience. Children love to explore the boundaries of their body and carve out an hour of peace in their very busy, pressured lives. Children of all ages can practice yoga. Yoga is a great way to help develop team work, let off energy from sitting learning all day, learn how to manage stress and anxiety. 

Combining all the skills I have acquired; I offer Yoga classes and coaching sessions to deaf people, pregnant women, mum and baby and kids from primary to secondary school, as well as offering one-off workshops and online classes. 

I look forward to welcoming you to one of my classes soon.