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What are the benefits of Mum and Baby Yoga?

Practising Mum and Baby Yoga helps the two of you bond.

It is a gentle post-natal class where babies are welcome, they include benefits of relieving achy muscles in mums body and can speed up recovery time. It is also a great opportunity to assist baby in developing their motor skills and is a fun trip out for baby, learning to enjoy the sounds and interactions of other babies. A bonus of taking your baby to a yoga class with you is it can help him or her fall asleep more easily and for longer due to stimulating his/her relaxation response!

A great benefit to new mums is that a mum and baby class provides a safe space to completely be with your baby and create a new network of friends to continue the support outside of class while getting a much needed stretch.

Post-Natal yoga should be started 6 weeks after a natural delivery and 10 weeks after a c-section.

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