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What is Yoga BSL?

I believe in making Yoga accessible for all. I also believe we should use the skills we have. I have worked and qualified as a Sign Language Interpreter since 2010. I am very passionate about making Yoga accessible for Deaf people.

When I teach I want all my students to feel joy, confident, calm, less stress, less anxiety, strong, energised and beautiful.  

I have thought a lot about ways in which I can bring Yoga and Meditation to the Deaf community, incorporating visuals and props to help the learning process and feel connected to the group.

If you are a BSL user, have none, little or some  knowledge or experience of yoga, you are welcome in my classes. 🙂

My yoga BSL classes are designed to give bespoke teaching with further visuals to aid learning the basics of Yoga. I am deaf aware and will never give instructions when your eyes are closed or when you aren’t looking at me. I will certainly never leave you on a pose and continue the class without letting you know we are moving on. At the end of the course the Deaf students will leave feeling confident with the knowledge of how to perform postures safely and accurately.

I look forward to seeing you at one of my classes.

If you are interested in attending on of my classes please get in touch or check the classes menu tab for current dates.

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