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1. Yoga Tutorial – Poses Explained

2. Yoga Classes

3. Chair Yoga

4. Meditation

Yoga Tutorial – Poses Explained

Super woman/man explained in BSL with options for progression
Plank explained in BSL with options
How to do Downdog in BSL

Yoga Classes

Open your Heart yoga sequence in BSL
35 minute Hips and Hamstrings in BSL
22 minute Standing Sequence in BSL
26 minutes Beginners Yoga Class in BSL

Chair Yoga

17 minute Chair yoga with supported standing in BSL
12 minute Chair Yoga in BSL


Connect to your breathe in this simple but effective strategy in BSL
Breathing to aid relaxation and relieve anxiety in BSL
Use your breathe to help focus in Yoga practice to help with anxiety in BSL
Guided bead bracelet meditation in BSL